COVID Vaccine Updates

We are now offering the COVID vaccine to children 5-11 years of age as well as those 12 years and up. Children must be an established patient and up to date on vaccines to schedule. Our 5-11year COVID clinics will be scheduled based on vaccine allocations. Follow our Facebook page to get the most up-to-date information on availability as we receive shipments!

Call/Visit Volumes

With the return to school, we are experiencing extraordinarily high call volumes and patient visits. We appreciate your patience as our wait times may be significantly increased during this time. Please see our self-scheduling link to try out our online scheduling for many of our providers!



COVID Vaccine Clinics

Exciting News! After many requests from our patients...PTC will start providing COVID vaccinations to our patients aged 12 years and up! We offer these in special clinics dates. Space is limited to provide the best care possible. Call our appointment staff at 540-344-9213 to get your child scheduled! We will continue opening new clinics as our current ones fill up so be sure to check back.

To learn more about the COVID vaccine and its safety from the Virginia Department of Health, click the button below.

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Pre registration instructions:

1. Expect a pre registration link to be texted and/or emailed to you up to 3 days ahead of your scheduled appointment or same day for acute appointments. Please complete it as soon as feasible. This replaces all the paperwork previously done in the waiting room.

2. Allow up to 15 minutes to complete if it is your first time, after that 5 to 10 minutes depending on the visit type.

3. The registration page will time out for security reasons if you step away for more than a few minutes. You will need to start again, but prior input should be saved. It is way better to do it in one sitting though!

4. Please pay as part of the preregistration, it will save additional time! You can pay one time co-pay without placing your credit card on file. If you are unsure, if the payment seems incorrect, or you have a newborn choose the "pay in office" and we will collect if needed in the office.

5. The Office Policies will only be presented for you to sign once a year.

6. Complete the pre registration until you see the "Thank You" screen. Closing out early will cancel out all that work you just completed!

7. If you get something that looks like an advertisement at the end, you may close the browser and are not required to view it. 

A short review of Phreesia can be seen in the video below. Thank you for your assistance in optimizing our processes and helping to free up our phone lines!



COVID-19 Updates!

With safety being our priority, we have made some unprecedented adjustments to our clinic operations to protect our patients and staff. We are closely monitoring the situation and will make further adjustments as necessary. See below for a current list of the changes we have made in order to ensure our patients are kept as safe as possible during this pandemic. If you have any questions about upcoming appointments, please give us a call. we are happy to discuss with your further.

COVID-19 Changes

Walk-In Appointments: We are proud to return to offering our walk-in appointments for simple illnesses in established patients over the age of 4 months. Our walk-in availability is limited to 7:00-8:00am Monday-Friday. When you arrive in our parking lot, please call 540-344-9213 and choose option 9 to register.

Telemedicine: Several of our providers now offer telemedicine for specific types of visits. Please call our office to discuss this option.

Cleaning and Masking: While cleaning has always been a standard part of our day, we have increase the frequency of cleaning and ensured that we are only using cleaning solutions deemed to be highly effective against COVID-19. We also are utilizing UV light sanitizers in our sick patient rooms to help ensure that nothing is missed. We have a mask policy requiring all patients (and staff) over the age of 5 to wear a mask in our building at all times.

Waiting rooms: Our waiting rooms are currently CLOSED and all patients wait in their cars until a room is ready in order to maximize social distancing within our office. We have separate sick and well entrances to help minimize intersecting of patients as well.